Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's That Time!

Well it may, in fact, be a bit past that time.... so I suppose it's time to quickly send out Christmas cards

Since we are an official family of three this Holiday Season I really want to send a classy Christmas card to our many friends and family members living far away from us. Things always seem so busy and hectic, and I can see why it's often easier and simpler not to have to worry about finding a photo, printing one you like, finding cards, stuffing envelopes, etc. 

What better way to keep things simple than to have your card and photo all-in-one!

 Shutterfly is doing a Holiday card promotion for 50 free photo cards! I heard of this promotion from a few of my blogger friends, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Shutterfly has hundreds of cards to choose from, on cardstock or photo paper, with flat or folded options.

The hardest part will be choosing one because they are all so lovely

I was also happy to know that they also make personal calendars, thank-you cards, photo mugs, and other stationary

I'm excited to see Baby's chubby cheeks on one of these great cards. I'm excited to save our first family Christmas card for Baby and future children to see. I am excited to "join the ranks" with the official families who send Christmas cards. :) I'm excited to send them to my grand-parents, parents, aunts and uncles, best friends and siblings. 

I'm excited not to have to run to Kinko's to print off pictures. I'm excited not to have to drag Baby to Target and look through boxes of smashed Christmas cards while avoiding crowds of people and shopping carts. I'm excited not to have to buy 4 boxes of cards just to have enough to send! 

Thank you to the friends who shared this promotion! 


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  1. Omg, I did this and already got my cards and sent them out. I looooved mine. Such a good idea on their part because I have already ordered something else from them besides cards. I would hurry and order as soon as you get the code though because when I got my code 3 weeks ago it said the quickest I could get them with the cheapest shipping was like a week before Christmas so hurry hurry hurry!! I ended up paying for faster shipping so I could get them out and over with. I have no doubt that yours will be absolutely adorable!