Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 1

Day 1-Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I actually don't really find myself interesting at all. In fact, I would say I'm quite dull. Oh but I don't mind. I will be the first to admit I'm a rather boring person.

2. I enjoy listening. I'm not shy, but I am quiet. I don't really care to talk much. I'm usually not the first person to start a conversation, and it's often hard for me to keep one going. My husband is one of the few people who might tell you that I actually like to talk a lot.

3. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood).

4. In 4th grade a boy in my class punched me in the face. He wouldn't get off the slide, and I wanted to go on it, so I kicked him off. Enough said. 

5. I am the oldest of 10 children. I have 6 "real" siblings, 2 step-siblings, and 1 half-sibling. 

6. As a child I was quiet, imaginative, thoughtful, and obedient. You could probably find me alone in my room, wearing a princess dress, playing house or princesses. I always wanted to obey my parents. I was afraid of getting in trouble or doing something wrong.

7. I have always been a very modest person (especially in my clothing choices). As a little girl I remember crying because I felt so uncomfortable in a dress that showed my collar bones. Seriously. To this day I am always worried about things being too tight, low-cut, too short, and too trendy.

8. I have traveled a lot for dance: Russia, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, and all over the country. 

9. I will gladly skip out on amusements parks, lines, crowds, loud music, horror movies, and crude humor. 

10. I get really angry with myself when I'm late, and I also have a really hard time being patient when others are late. 

11. I've only had 1 "real" job in my life. In high school I danced nearly all day and didn't have time to work. In college my first job was dancing professionally with Utah Regional Ballet. After quitting ballet to focus on school I got my first real job at an organization/retail store. I also designed closets for people. The next, and only other, jobs I've had have been teaching dance. 

12. My first kiss was at age 18, after high school, and it was a dare.

13. I really like to vacuum. That's all I wanted for Christmas one year in college.

14. I like grapenuts in yogurt. 

15. According to one personality/color test. I am 45% white, 50% blue, 4.999% red, and less than 1% yellow. Yes, I told you I was boring! 


  1. rachel, can your 341 class count for the technique credit we need? i would love to take it (and i know it's full... if it does count, can i have a permission-to-add code? don't know if it's too early to ask or not...) i really would love to take it! and you will be great, don't even worry. sorry your ballet class was so awful this semester!

  2. Hahaha! You are very funny Rachel! :) I can also tell you that you are not boring! We have had some pretty crazy times!!! I must say that it surprised me about you kicking the boy...very unlike you, but loved it! hahaha!

  3. Amen to #9. I think we have a lot in common!