Monday, July 18, 2011

Movement Monday

Eek, it's been awhile. 
I'm having a blog identity crisis; 
meaning, do I keep two blogs, 
or do I turn my family blog into my personal blog?  

For now I'll keep this going I think.

Any thoughts?
Does anyone even read this thing?

Movement for today: 

Royal Ballet

Concerto - Second Movement;
Choreography - Sir K. MacMillan;
Music - Shostakovic


  1. i think you could combine them. i enjoy seeing/reading about what you find, they are things i would not have come across most of the time. :)

  2. I don't always get to this one, but I do love what you post. That is an absolutely gorgeous video. I am finally starting to miss dancing after 7 years of not missing it for a second. Maybe it's time to start stretching my legs so I don't injure myself dancing around the house.:) You could combine them, or keep them seperate if you prefer compartmentalizing them. Just maybe make a post on your family blog that you have posted on here so we can jump on over to this when you do post here?