Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have way too much...

....time on my hands. And, as a result, I've been itching for a re-design of our living room space. I really do love our place, but I'm ready for a change, and ready to dive into some projects. Since my job this summer is to be a full-time mom, I have been thinking of some "budget friendly" ways I can get creative and create an updated look without spending a fortune. I also have to remind myself that this isn't our permanent home, and that the ultimate goal right now is saving for a house of our own. 

So, here are a few ideas that I have that will hopefully give some inexpensive change to that space. 

1. Sofa Slipcovers
  • I've gone back and forth between wanting to recovering our sofas and just wanting to buy new slipcovers. Unfortunately buying durable material in a fabric that I love has proven to cost a lot more than the average $200 for some basic slipcovers; not to mention the time and energy it would take covering the sofas.
2. Pillow Covers
  • We have a nice set of down pillows that are worth saving. Unfortunately the current covers on them are tearing and shredding at the corners. My goal is to find some inexpensive fabric, an easy pattern, and some time to make some new pillows. 
3. Spray Paint
  • There's nothing like a new coat of paint to change and freshen things up. We have a darling side table that is in desperate need of paint. 
  • I also have 2 or 3 lamps that I'd love to give new life to. 
4. Wing chair Reupholstery/Slipcover
  • I really, really want to give reupholstering our thrift store wing chair a try. I've been watching videos and looking up tutorials to see if it even seems possible. So far it looks like a huge project, but definitely possible. The key will be to see if I can find a fabric that will work. 
  • Slipcovering is obviously easier, but not really the look I want. Since we're going to slipcover our sofas it would be nice not to have a slipcovered chair as well. Plus, the options and fabrics for wing chair slipcovers are much less desirable than those for sofas/loveseats. 
5. Art Work 
  • I'd love some bright, fresh, artwork in our living room. Right now almost every frame in there is black, and our pictures have very little color or pizazz. Sometimes I wish I could go back and tell my newly-wed self not to buy everything in black. Black gets old, really fast. 
So there you have it. My game-plan for our summer living room makeover. Obviously doing this on a budget means a lot of DIY projects, as well as using what we already have, and sticking to colors that are already dominant throughout our home. 

Here's one last look at our current living room

Goodbye old living room,
Hello summer projects!

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  1. Maybe it is something about the fresh spring air, because I am craving some change at our house right now too. We are in the same position where we view our condo as temporary, and are trying to save for a house. "Budget Friendly" is the name of the game for me. I am excited to see what you come up with!