Monday, November 8, 2010


My mom is incredible, and not just because she gave birth to eight children and raised ten. 
Not only is she is an amazing dancer, and an incredible example of a woman with integrity, and she lives what she teaches, and she taught me basically everything I know, and she keeps an immaculate home (even when there were ten children under age eleven), and she shares everything with everyone....

But also because

She is an author of a book that is going to change lives. 

This book.

We are born with nothing, and we die with none of our earthly possessions; only the knowledge we have acquired. We arrive on this earth unclothed and empty-handed, and we leave in the same manner. What we do in the space between that entrance and exit is our life's journey. All that we receive, purchase, consume, handle, and call our own, facilitate this life. Knowing what is truly necessary and sacred is imperative: what to hold on to, share with someone else, or throw away. When we free-up our spaces of all that isn't vital, we free ourselves from the responsibility and concern for those things.

 As we simplify our spaces . . . we free-up our lives. 

-Kim Smith Yandow


  1. holy smokes I love that. She sounds like an amazing woman. How do you have such cute headings on your blogs?

  2. I love your mom! She was like a second mom to me growing up. I don't think she ever knew how much I admired her and hoped to be like her spiritually and as a mother. Granted my mom is wonderful also and I could never replace her, but Kim came a very VERY close 2nd. My time spent with your family as a teenager (so many years ago *sobs*) were some of my most favorite memories :)

  3. I forgot to ask.... is the book out yet if not do you know when it will be? I would love to read it

  4. Elisabeth, yes, the book is finished! I can get you the info if you'd like?

  5. Yes I would love to get one, send me the info please :)

  6. I have started reading her book and it really is inspiring!